CONSTRUCCIONES IPARLAN, S.L. dates back to the year 2005, when Mr. Fernando Rojo Abellán created a company that years later would become one of the leading companies in the Spanish region where he resides. Nowadays its activities comprise the design, development and construction of projects destined to all sectors within the construction field.

From our offices and warehouse in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) and Castellón, the organization has always strived to offer advice and worksite placing of solutions tailored to our clients’ and suppliers’ needs

Construcciones Iparlan, S.L. not only is present in Spain; it has also expanded its activities to other countries such as Portugal, achieving international renown.
Through the execution of a considerable number of projects Construcciones Iparlan, S.L. has strengthened its position as a reference company in the construction field in Spain.

From its foundation IPARLAN has been a company in continuous progression in the field of construction and refurbishment. We are always concerned about offering the best possible service to our clients, both the companies that subcontract our labour and direct clients of ours. Soon we began to negotiate contracts with a closed price and fixed qualities and deadlines, undertaking the satisfactory fulfilment of the clients’ needs.

Thus, from the very first moments of our company’s life, our commitment to serve our clients and our adoption of our clients’ commitments as ours have marked IPARLAN’s evolution, bassed on three basic pillars: competitiveness, health and safety hazards’ prevention and quality.

We are aware that the achievement of our goals is not casual. Behind it lies the continued effort of our professionals who, with their daily dedication, have contributed to make IPARLAN into what it is today.
The steps we have taken to reach our current point have been many, but they are nothing but the starting point of a new path in which IPARLAN grows greater as it advances. In a changing environment, in which society demands more, better and faster results, we have managed to maintain and reinforce our business venture, which is one of the key points to IPARLAN’s success.