Ethical Management Policy

Iparlan has its own company Ethical Code with the purpose of detailing a set of principles and rules that define the relationship with the clients, which covers all the company areas and is firmly based upon the following general ethical principles:

• To promote the social responsibility, the diversification, the innovation and the dialogue with all interest groups, as well as to strengthen the values supported by the organization focused towards continuous improvement and internal development.

• To maintain equitable and transparent relationships to consolidate the reputation and prestige of IPARLAN within the construction sector.

• To guarantee a company culture of good treatment and service to clients, which must be shared by all personnel, with the aim of offering our clients the highest degree of satisfaction, trying to anticipate their needs and to meet their expectations?

• To promote a high level of involvement in the development of this policy from the employees and the people that work in the name of the company.

• To promote among the staff a continuous, organized and ethical quest for both their professional improvement and their work quality improvement, making the most of the training and experience acquiring opportunities the company provides.

• To make the most of the opportunities that the new economy offers, incorporating into its business strategy the challenges of diversification, technological development and innovation.

• To make available the means and mechanisms necessary to establish an adequate dialogue between all the parts that integrate the company, focusing on coordinated team work.