Quality Policy

CONSTRUCCIONES IPARLAN, S.L. management is committed to its clients and thus it has made sure that it has at its disposal the necessary resources to guarantee that the products and services it offers are safe, trustworthy and comply with the specifications, rules and codes applied to its building and refurbishing activity, civil works and real state development. To this end, it has instituted a Quality Management System that is constantly updated. This System is founded upon the following principles:

• To strive towards a high level of involvement from all personnel in the development of the Quality Management System.
• To train, motivate and make the most of the staff’s abilities.
• To establish actions and programs focused towards continuous improvement and prevention and minimization of mistakes, and not only towards the detection of deviations.
• To maintain permanent contact with the clients to better understand their current and future needs, cooperating towards improving the end result with the aim of fulfilling their requisites and satisfy their expectations.
• To reach a mutually beneficial relationship with the suppliers in order to create value jointly.
• To maintain a position of leadership regarding product specifications, service and corporate image