Environmental Policy

The management of CONSTRUCCIONES IPARLAN, S.L. is aware of the environmental impact of its activity, and it focuses its organizationís efforts into minimizing the negative aspects of this activity and promoting its environmentally profitable aspects. To this end, it has instituted an Environmental Management System that is constantly updated. This System is geared towards the consecution of the following commitments:

• To train the employees and the people who work in name of the organization to raise their sense of responsibility in the environmental impact of their activity, as well as to achieve their active participation in the development of the Environmental Management System, thus ensuring its continuous improvement.

• To identify, make widely known and ensure the compliance with current environmental legislation and regulation pertinent to the companyís activities, as well as any other requisites the company may undersign to this purpose.

• To promote the rational use of natural resources and the sustainability of the activities performed.

• To direct the environmental management of its work centres towards the prevention of pollution, the aspects pertinent to controlling the consumption of natural resources, correctly managing waste, reusing raw materials and protecting plants, as well as having available the means and establishing the necessary measures to prevent environmental accidents in said work centres.